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The Luna Hive is an all-new destination specialising in women’s health and wellbeing in Surrey.


We have a specialist team of therapists and practitioners across Surrey, who support and treat women going through fertility, pregnancy, being a new mum and having a baby, the menopause and every day women’s health.

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The Luna Hive is the UK’s no. 1 women’s health directory in Surrey and was created to give 24/7 access to specialist care, easily accessible and with the best information. We are a trusted and expert source for all your women’s health needs, so you can feel better today.

Why the Luna Hive? Well the Hive is all about empowered women, coming together to support and empower other women. Luna, is the feminine counterpart to the sun, and perfectly captures the wonderful cycles that the journey through womenhood holds.


Meet Sophie

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Sophie has always been interested in wellbeing, studying psychology at the University of Reading and then going on to work for British Airways and bringing it in to her role as part of the senior management team through managing people and working with high net value customers. Once she had her daughter Eliza, she set up the 1st online mum and baby wellness membership, Mama Buba Bump.  Sophie was so passionate about the holistic care of women that she trained as a sleep consultant to support tired families who wanted gentle solutions to getting more sleep. She is fuelled by beautiful stationary, travel and wine!


Contact Sophie directly at sophie@thelunahive.com

Meet Jo

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Jo is a Psychotherapist specialising in women’s mental health, with extensive experience in pre and postnatal disorders, eating disorders and personality disorders. Her work in forensic and private settings, including the Priory Hospital Roehampton, developed her expertise in working with women in all stages of life. Jo set up Mummas Wellbeing to give women in Surrey, access to trusted practitioners who specialise in women’s health. Jo is a herbal tea addict, loves live music and happily mixes day-to-day life as a mother, with the glamourous life of being married to a music tour manager.


To contact Jo directly email jo@thelunahive.com


women's health directory


Our experts are specialists in their fields – they’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

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No unfounded opinions or judgement from us, just the advice you actually need.

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We’re here for you, and will connect you with a community of handpicked professionals.

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Our safe, supportive place allows you to share your stories and find your tribe.

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We know you’re smart, so our advice is based on facts and reliable experience.

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With the full range of treatments to support and treat, you will find what you need to keep you well.


Our easy booking platform, allows you to book your bespoke appointments on or offline.


We are here when you need us with experts who are ready to support your stage of life.