5 reasons why every new mum needs support

Hire a doula

As a post natal doula, my main job is to care for Mummy yet there is still a lot of stigma around new Mums, especially first time mothers, asking (and paying) for help in those early months.

As well as doula support, The Mother Space is a wonderful new mummy and baby support group that we are starting in the Guildford area and I wanted to write a blog exploring how different types of support, not just from doulas, but from other mothers in a similar boat, new and old friends and family, can make such a huge difference to Mum’s wellbeing.

postnatal doula surreyTalk

Talking to other mothers in a similar situation, with new babies especially, can help remind Mums they are not alone and normalise these new feelings, anxieties and concerns. Reading books can be really helpful but we can internalise the advice and over think things, especially when tired.

Having a vocal outlet with specific space and time to chat to other mums, can be really helpful for mental health, wellbeing and general sanity!

Mums don’t have to do things alone. Having a partner to download with in the evenings can help make sense of any confusing events, it can also mean sharing the load and having some time out before bed.


postnatal doula surreyGetting help

Having someone to come to the house for small periods of time in the day and be another pair of hands can be vital for Mums self care.

Being able to take the time and space to have a bath, go for a walk or a quiet nap, while someone watches baby, who can perhaps prepare lunch or unload the dishwasher and put on a wash, can restore a little energy, as well as limiting the overwhelm and helping to ease any pressure to keep things under control.



postnatal doula surreyEat right

Eating properly for anyone is an important daily necessity but when tired, distracted and clock watching, healthy eating can fall off the list! Having a neighbour, or family member, or a post natal doula, can mean homemade meals are ready for popping in the oven in the evening, or having in the freezer so you have one less thing to think about

Postpartum nutrition is imperative to recovery and if you are breast feeding Mum must consider baby’s nutrition too.



postnatal doula surreyVisits

Little visits from friends and family during the first month or two are lovely things to look forward to and break up the routine, but it is also important to rest and recuperate so Mum can heal and bond with baby in peace.

Taking the time and space to learn to read babies cues and get to know these little people, can make such a difference in that first year. Having a post natal doula, or close friend or family member around, to give you that support, advice and time, can help empower mum and help her gain confidence.


postnatal doula surreyCreativity

Having a chance to be creative and mindful can be incredibly beneficial for self care and relaxation. Some mother and baby groups will have a structured hour or two where mum can chat and download as well as drink a hot cup of tea and then perhaps do something creative or listen to a poem and feel inspired, encouraged and reminded that they are all doing such a brilliant job and they are all incredible women.

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Providing a nurturing space for mumma's to heal and for babies to bloom in the fourth trimester.
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