What happens at a sling consultation?

What happens at a sling consultation?

Well our relationship starts before our actual in person session. On contacting me I send through a pre-consult questionnaire which then shapes the session to your exact needs.

The questions give me an idea of what experience you may have carrying, what your knowledge is on the types available and what you want the sling/carrier to enable you to do, any physical needs you or your baby may have that may impact carrying and any special circumstances.

All of these questions will help to ensure that I bring a selection of slings/carriers that meet your needs. Or allows me to help support you w

ith your own sling/carrier.

What is a consult like?

Consults can be in your home or mine depending on what suits you best.  It can be helpful in the early weeks not to have to leave the comfort of your sofa. There is zero judgement from me if you are in your PJs, you haven’t washed your hair all week and have no make up on, if there is washing out and you think your house is a mess. It is OK – it means you are focusing on your baby and their needs.

Consults can be as long as you need from 30mins to 2+ hours.

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A newborn consult is usually around an hour sometimes longer, or as quick as 30mins if you want me to help support you with your own sling/carrier and ensure you are confident using it safely. It depends on your way of learning and how quickly you pick things up. 90 mins can sound like a long time but in reality this gives us enough time together for it not to be rushed and to allow time for feeding or breaks etc.

So what will we discuss:

  • we may cover feeding in a sling/carrier
  • we discuss safety in detaill
  • we may chat around sleep and feeding and broader aspects around carrying and attachment and brain development, normal infant behaviour, why baby behaves the way they do and how you can support their development.

Often people worry that baby will be clingy if we carry them. (The science and research shows us the opposite in fact, thats another post!).  Once we understand why often things feels easier.

You may decide to hire a sling initially if you do not have your own, or you may wish to purchase one. Hire is from Dorking NCT sling library via myself and costs £8 for 2 weeks. Or for free if your baby is under 6 wks (certain slings/carriers).

What about after the consultation?

My support doesn’t stop when I leave.

I will send a detailed follow up email with links for you to read depending on what we chat about during our time together, often instructional videos, posts on things like how long can you carry for. Discount codes for retailers if you wish to buy your own sling/carrier.

I offer free unlimited follow up by email and in The Sling Consultancy Community so you can ask me any questions or if you want to check the fit or need any tips I can help with. I go live twice a week on instagram and in the community, Top Tip Tuesday and Feature Friday, which shows one sling/carrier from the sling library.

What else do you get?

⭐️ You have access to all my knowledge my training, and experience from over 10 years of carrying my 3 children, 8 years running a sling library, and nearly 3 years as a Consultant

⭐️ I am insured to provide these services and I can work outside manufacturer guidelines and those with special circumstances

⭐️ I attend regular continuous professional development to stay up to date in practice, theory and in the industry by constantly networking with other consultants, sling libraries and brands.

It as an investment in parenthood, in you, in your child and your relationship, in their brain development, in their long term physical and mental health, in their future.  It may also save you money in the long run by avoiding buying carriers/slings which aren’t “the one” for you.

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