5 practical gifts for a new mummy

Gifts for a new mum


Waiting to hear from a friend of family member for the news of a new arrival is always an exciting time, and the desire to rush over as soon as the new bundle arrives home, to have a chat and a cuddle, can often take over! 

While we are trying to be helpful and a good friend, going over and putting the kettle on and keeping mummy company, can sometimes be a bit much straight away. It can often be more helpful to hang back a little and in our haste to clean Jo Jo Mama out of new baby clothes and comforters, we can forget that mummy needs lots of TLC and bonding time too. 

If the idea of staying away for too long makes you too jittery ( because I totally get what a good friend you want to be!) here are a few practical gifts that can either be left on the doorstep until mum is ready for visitors, or ordered for delivery over the internet and have sent through the letter box as the perfect little surprise that Mummy can open in her dressing gown and pjs without feeling she has to make an effort. I like to put together a little ‘box of hugs’ for a new mummy, so she feels as precious as her new bubs as well as supported on a practical and emotional level. 


postnatal doula surreyA Cook or Hello Fresh delivery – Food Glorious food! Not only will the whole family thank you but Mummy will be high fiving you forever and your rating as ‘great buddy’ will go sky high! Having ready made, wholesome and comforting food in the freezer and portioned up, ready for cooking, is a god send in those early weeks. 







postnatal doula surreyArnica tablets – however the birth went, arnica is a genius natural support after labour or a c section helping inside and outside bruising. I give it to all friends and family after any hospital visit as, lets face it, even blood tests can leave a bruise. 








postnatal doula surreyA humidifier with lavender and/or frankincense essential oils – Us girls all love a candle but having a humidifier going in the sitting room or bedroom while feeding, resting or cuddling, can be deeply healing and relaxing for both mumma and baby and it wont burn out! They say the Three Kings may have brought Frankincense, Myrhh and Tumeric (not gold) to baby Jesus, because these three oils are renowned for their restoring, healing and nurturing qualities. I use these oils a lot with my post natal doula clients and they all say how much of a difference it makes to their wellbeing while hibernating at home. Wild Orange is also another brilliant one for all things maternal. Amazon do a whole selection of portable humidifiers as well as larger ones. 




postnatal doula surreyHomemade snacks – a chocolate protein ball is a sight to behold when puffy eyed, drained, sore and sleep deprived! These little balls of goodness are nourishing, healthy and provide the perfect pick me up for any new mother. There are loads of recipes online. I tend to make a batch, pop them in a 1litre Kilner jar, tie with a ribbon and leave on mums doorstep with a card. I have been told regularly that they are usually gone by the next morning! They go especially well with a cup of Pukka Motherkind tea (which is brilliant for lactation and post natal recovery)





postnatal doula surreyThe Self Care Book For New Mums – this little bible of TLC is a gorgeous gift for new mothers. Written by a post natal doula and midwife, it covers everything from physical healing to reconnecting with partners, to eating better and tips for helping sleep patterns. A must have for all new mums who can flick through, picking out the most relevant sections, while enjoying some cuddle time or sipping a cuppa while baby sleeps and mummy rests.








Whatever way of supporting a new mum, offering to do practical things during the first few months can make such a difference. School runs and play dates for older siblings as well as babysitting vouchers for when Mummy is up and about and can go for an hours drink with her partner can also take a lot of stress out of situations and help Mum recover in a safe and nurturing environment. x

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