You want to feel healthy, to manage symptoms, and to have more energy. There’s so much information out there but you need advice and support personalised to you and your needs


We offer nutritional therapy options for women across Surrey, including women’s health, pregnancy, postnatal and menopause packages. Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy are evidence-based approaches to maximising health and wellbeing through individually formulated nutrition and lifestyle changes. It aims to support the body as a whole, rather than an isolated set of symptoms, and recognises that each individual has their own specific requirements.


Our nutrition plans promote eating well through the use of wholesome, unprocessed foods, alongside the use of foods with specific therapeutic effects to support specific health concerns. This may be combined with supplements and lifestyle changes in order to support the body so it is better able to deal with the challenges to good health.


We also offer expert children’s nutrition, including weaning, fussy eating, healthy diet, family cooking and more!


We have all the services you need to help you treat and maintain your health. Book your free nutrition discovery call today!

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With a holistic approach to health care, naturopathy and nutritional therapy can not only help you to discover and address the underlying cause of your symptoms, but to educate you in the process, so that you learn to care for yourself. You are worth it! – Emily Harris, Naturopath and nutrition, Camberley




Our specialist packages will be tailored to you and your needs. We can also offer you personalised women’s health nutrition plans, and functional testing, including digestive function, food intolerance and hormone testing. We work to understand the root cause of your symptoms, identifying nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. So whether your goal is to increase energy, feel less sluggish or to get support for specific symptoms, we can help.



For those without specific chronic health conditions, the 30 minute Diet-check consultation will review your current food intake and discuss practical and easy to execute methods for improving this. Our diet check is perfect for women wanting to improve their nutrition, whilst we have more in-depth nutrition packages for those with chronic health conditions. Testing and supplementation recommendations can also be organised for you.



Our Surrey based nutritional therapists, are experts in fertility. There is a huge amount that can be done through tweaking diet and lifestyle to support fertility. A Nutritionist or Nutritional Therapist has the specialist knowledge and access to an extensive range of laboratory tests to investigate the specific issues relating to your fertility. They can support you via a bespoke plan, supporting your fertility journey. To explore this further, book in for a free discovery call.



Pregnancy is the perfect time to optimise your nutrition, to support you and your baby’s health. We offer nutritional therapy for pregnancy for issues such as gestational diabetes and weight gain, as well as postnatal nutrition. Nutritional therapy can also support your milk supply for breastfeeding, as well as ensuring you have enough energy for the days and sleepless nights ahead. Want to find out more how we can help with out pregnancy nutrition and postnatal packages in Surrey? Contact us today!



Our experts offer children’s nutrition advice, supporting you through the early days, weaning, fussy eating and more. Our nutritionists can work with you to provide healthy nutrition for children and infants, with up to date guidelines, expert knowledge and a range of recipes and tips. We also offer support for various child health issues such as general immune system support – reoccurring colds/infections, eczema and behavioural concerns and weaning.



Weaning can feel like another transition period, just as you feel like you’re starting to find a rhythm, it all changes again. You don’t need to do it all on your own – with the 8 weeks to weaning confidence course, you’ll get a comprehensive workshop delivered by Catherine Lippe, Registered Nutritionist, packed full of nutrition support, videos, printable downloads and more, as well as 8 weeks of support to help you navigate those first few months.


We have a range of locations across Surrey and London. There are a range of prices and packages, with diet checks starting from £65 and nutrition assessments starting from £130. Diagnostic tests and nutrition packages are all bespoke to you and your needs.


Our nutritionists work with women from Addlestone, Aldershot, Ashford, Bisley, Camberley, Chertsey, Chobham, Cobham, Cranleigh, Dorking, Egham, Epsom, Esher, Farnham, Farnborough, Fleet, Godalming, Guildford, Haslemere, Horley, Horsham, Kingston, Leatherhead, Lightwater, Oxshot, Redhill, Reigate, Richmond, Send, Shere, Staines-upon-Thames, Sunbury-on-Thames, Surbiton, Virginia Water, Walton-on-Thames, West-end, Weybridge, Windlesham and Woking.




Your first step would be to book a free discovery call. This is a 20-minute chat for us both to get to know each other a bit. It’s your chance to share your story, your presenting issue, and for me to find out more about your health history. 




From this I would recommend a nutrition support package, which would depend on what sort of symptoms you are experiencing, your current eating habits and lifestyle, whether you have already had any tests or diagnoses, and whether we need any extra information to support your health.


If required, this extra information would be from laboratory tests which can all be done at home. I have access to testing for full hormone profiles, nutrient levels, digestive health, thyroid health, toxic exposure and many more.


Combined with your health history these results help me identify the underlying issue or imbalance affecting your health. Testing is not absolutely essential – without it we can build a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support what we think may be going on. But the testing allows our approach to be much more targeted, meaning quicker and potentially better results. 


Depending on the issue, people generally need at least a 3-month support package which would include any testing, four online consultations about 4 weeks apart, plus telephone and email support if you wish. You would get a health plan with recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes, and suggested supplements.


Your health plan is personalised according to your specific needs, and is therefore different for each person. Because we all deal with change differently it will be broken down into manageable steps for you, and adjusted each time we meet so that you progress at your own pace. I will be there to provide as much support as you feel you need. 

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Catherine's advice and support has been fantastic. She has provided both general guidance in relation to weaning, and specific advice for my daughter’s allergy. Catherine has regularly checked how my daughter is getting on, and has provided ongoing support beyond the initial stages. Since involving Catherine in my daughters weaning I have found that the process has been much easier, more enjoyable and that I am more relaxed about introducing new foods and textures. Thank you Catherine!
Libby has given me practical help with developing a more rounded approach to food, one that also impacts on my entire wellbeing. I have always been susceptible to emotional eating and making snap choices in times of stress. Libby has given me tips to make considered choices and has helped shift my thinking to a position of nourishment, rather than starving myself. I have goals to lose some weight and re-balance my blood sugars and Libby's solid advice is helping me make that achievable and part of my everyday life.
You not only helped me get rid of my medications, you also helped me change my outlook on life and as a result, I feel so much happier in myself. Thank you so much!
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For expert nutrition from experienced, accredited nutritionists and nutritional therapists in Surrey, get in contact with our team. We can support you to feel more healthy, working alongside medical professionals to help treat your health concerns, manage symptoms and support you to prevent future illness.

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