A natural aid for endometriosis


I have a friend who suffers horrifically from endometriosis – she’s only in her twenties. Imagine learning in your twenties that the most effective cure would mean there was no chance of being able to give birth to your own children one day. Understandably, she wanted to try every other solution before having to resort to a hysterectomy.

Natural ways to reduce endometriosis symptoms

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Endometriosis is thought to affect 200 million women worldwide – a staggering number. And staggering is exactly what this condition is. Women suffering often mention that the pain is unbearable. As a condition, endometriosis can affect every level of womanhood – from fertility to beauty to monthly routines.
This is a condition that must be handled with care, which means all your natural remedies that aid to “de-stress” your life will help. Exercise such as swimming, a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and cutting out as much stress from your daily routine will help the symptoms subside.
But, most women find that alone that is not enough.

Aromatherapy and endometriosis

There are records of aromatherapy helping to put endometriosis into remission. The essential oils use plant hormones that work in harmony with our own hormonal system to recognise where the body needs aid.
As endometriosis can wreak havoc on the reproductive system, essential oils that work with the reproductive organs are the most effective. They mimic, aid and assist your own hormonal system to reduce the symptoms you experience.
Why aromatherapy over western medicine
As such, there is currently no cure for endometriosis. There are treatment options, including steroid medication – but their side effects can be difficult. Think: flushes, sweating, vaginitis, itching, weight gain, hairiness, loss of libido, acne…the list goes on. The benefit with aromatherapy, as a natural medication, is it does not offer these side effects. Any of the plant hormones that your body does not use (as far as aromatherapists are aware) passes through your urine.
If, like my friend, you don’t want to resort to surgery or steroids, and you find painkillers and hormonal pills ineffective, you might be looking for a natural remedy too.



In 30 ml of bath oil or a carrier oil such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil mix the following pure essential oils:
Geranium – 10 drops
Rose Damask – 5 drops
Cypress – 2 drops
Clary sage – 8 drops
Apply this oil to a flannel and rub your body all over with it before getting into a hot bath. Stay in the bath for at least fifteen minutes. If you wish, you can also stimulate the muscles by alternating from the hot bath and then placing an ice pack on your coccyx (tailbone) two or three times. This will help loosen your pelvic muscles and make cramps and spasms subside.

The results?


When my friend comes on her period, she is usually out of action for three days. You’ll find her on the bathroom floor with a hot water bottle and the strongest painkillers she can find.
After the aromatherapy bath oil she was back in action after one day and said she “felt like a new woman”.
So I’m creating her a range of bath oils, fragrance rollers, mist sprays. Whatever gets her through the month to ensure endometriosis doesn’t cripple her every month.


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