Expert Marketing Toolkit

Looking to grow your business in 2019? To increase visibility, and get more quality clients? Our expert marketing e-book covers 5 key areas to build your wellness industry practice.

We specialise in supporting wellbeing practitioners and therapists, or small business and clinics in the wellbeing or wellness industry. Our toolkit has been designed specifically for the wellness industry, including reflexologists, sleep consultants, nutritionists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, yoga and pilates teachers and more, and has tried and tested strategies and guidance that will work for you too.

Grow your business with The Luna Hive’s Marketing Guide

The marketing toolkit offers you expertise in 5 key areas, with top tips, and step-by-step advice to grow your business. The toolkit offers 5 weeks of support, with daily activities for you to build your wellness company’s client base and visibility.

What we cover:

  • Excel at your keywords and SEO set-up in 5 days
  • Develop or create your brand graphics in 5 days
  • Set up or enhance your blog in 5 days
  • Create or enhance your social media presence in 5 days
  • Learn to create top email lists in 5 day

Full of marketing tactics, our toolkit includes a 23 page e-book, filled with all the information you need to get more clients, improve visibility and grow your business. It’s marketing help and support, from the comfort of wherever you are, with business enhancement in 5 weeks, in 5 modules, with 5 simple steps.

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