We know motherhood is incredible. We also know it can be really tough.


You need support in the middle of the night when it feels like the world is asleep. You have endless questions which often results in endless hours of scrolling on Google.

Which approach is right? Which expert do you trust? And what happens when you try it but you have questions?

The Mother Hive membership connects you with information and support from trusted experts in the important first year after having a baby.

From tips on breastfeeding, advice on how to get more sleep, an introduction to weaning to practical advice on strengthening your pelvic floor, supporting your mental health and promoting self-care through mindfulness.

new mum support


Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding (or a combination) we have practical information and emotional support.


We cover what’s normal for every age and stage through the first year, plus help with regressions and flexible strategies for illness and travel.


We take you through preparing for weaning, the practicalities of getting started and provide continuous support during this transition.


Mental Health

Your mental health is important. Really important. Our CBT modules give you information and practical strategies to understand why you might feel how you do and what you can do to help. We cover topics like how you know if you have baby blues or PND, mum guilt, anxiety, comparing yourself to other mums and many more.

Self-Care and Mindfulness

Building your confidence up about sure you feel calm and in control. As well as feeling informed and supported, you need to feel nourished. Self-care doesn’t have to be a day at the spa (although it can be!) but those little moments of calm that heal your mindset are invaluable.

Physical Health

Your body goes through so many changes when you have a baby! It’s really important to take the time (even if it’s just a few minutes) to build your strength and flexibility up. Including pelvic floor, stretching and core, our experts will have you back to normal as soon as you’re ready.


First Aid

A critical skill for all parents, we have information and demo videos sorted by developmental stage. Even if you’ve done a baby first aid course, these resources are a great reminder and may even teach you some new skills!

Baby Massage

Building your bond with baby can also build your confidence. Massage is an activity you can do together and mastery has an added bonus of helping with things like colic, wind and constipation.


Using a sling can have so many benefits but it’s normal to feel a bit apprehensive or overwhelmed by the choice. We have information and demonstration videos so you are clear on your choices and confident in using it.

What does The Mother Hive Membership give you that spending hours Googling won’t?

Peace of mind: all of our experts actually have genuine expertise. They have been vetted and we recommend them – which we don’t say lightly.

Your time back: You could Google for hours finding an expert that seems to align with your parenting style, read their free downloadables, their blogs and their social media channels. Only to find they have kept the crucial part back or you try their advice and it doesn’t work – what now?!

Confidence: Tricky to measure I know but if you’ve ever had someone say ‘are you sure you should be doing it like that?’ or ‘Oh, is that safe?’ and you’ve felt the anxiety in your chest and a little voice saying – ‘oh no, what if I’m doing it wrong?! Or are they wrong? Ah now I’m confused!’. You can calm that voice down by using the safe and trusted information on The Mother Hive Membership.


Video Library: Bite-sized videos you can watch while feeding, with subtitles so you don’t have to disturb your baby!

Written Library: Blogs, recipes, checklists, video transcripts, it’s all there!

Audio Library: more of a podcast or audio book fan? Most of our videos are available to listen to as well as watch.


How much time will this take?

You’re a mum, so of course you’re worried about time! The Mother Hive Membership is designed to save you time by showing only the content you need help with – right now. Don’t feel you need to watch all the videos in one go! Jump in when you have an issue or concern and get expert advice you can easily apply.

I'm still pregnant, is there anything here for me?

Congratulations! As we develop The Mother Hive Membership it’s going to be packed full of resources and support from 36 weeks onwards. At the moment we’re still building all that content up so it is mostly aimed at mums after they’ve given birth.

Do I have to sign up for a certain period of time?

Nope. You can sign up for 1 month or stay with us the whole year. You’re in control.

What if I want to cancel?

We get it, you’re a bit nervous, what if you don’t use it or it’s not what you’d thought it would be. Well, this is for modern mums and what do we like? Total flexibility. So there’s no commitment when you join The Mother Hive Membership. You can cancel at any time. (although if you do want to leave, we’d love for you to tell us your concerns first, we have a lot of plans for the future!)


Anna Le Grange

Anna is a IBCLC Breastfeeding Consultant and Paediatric Nurse as well as a mum to 3 children. Her mindful breastfeeding course covers both practical and emotional ways to prepare for and establish breastfeeding.

Clare Flaxen

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Clare specialises in supporting mums mental health. She covers signs and symptoms of common mental health issues mums have as well as strategies to cope with things like guilt, comparisonitis and separation anxiety.

Dr Jo Gee

Dr Jo is a Psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner and is passionate about helping mums find strategies to cope with the stresses of parenthood. Mindfulness is a skill that gets easier over time so if you find it hard or you think it’s not helping, stick with it for a few weeks to see if you start to notice a difference.

Catherine Lippe

As a Registered Nutritionist Catherine has specialised in pre and postnatal nutrition, weaning and fussy eating. Her videos are packed full of practical, realistic, useful information and will support you from when baby is born through to when your baby turns 1!

Lyndsey Hookway

Lyndsey promotes a gentle, practical and realistic approach to sleep. There is a big focus on understanding babies sleep and then trusting your intuition to make decisions that work for you. There are strategies and approaches for babies of all ages which can help you feel more in control confident in your approach.

Zoe Woodman

Newborn babies often don’t like to be put down and a sling can be a way of keeping your baby close whilst also having two hands free. Zoe explains what slings are available, how to fit them safely and the pros and cons of different types so you feel confident, whatever choice you make.

Kate Ball

Kate is the found of Mini First Aid and has 6 children of her own so she knows what is useful for parents to know about first aid! These videos and blogs don’t replace a full, in person First Aid course but they do give you great reminders and key information for each stage of your babies first year.

Gayle Berry

Baby massage can be a great way to connect and bond with your baby and it can also help with common issues like constipation and colic. Gayle’s videos give you all the information you need to start baby massage, as well as a demonstration of a routine to try.

Sally Wade

Sally is an Osteopath and specialises in children and women’s health. Her videos and blogs give you information about your pelvic floor as well as why and when you might consider taking your baby to see a cranial osteopath.

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