Creating that positive mindset for a positive birth

Positive mindset 

I am a mum to two boys aged 1 and 3 years old and I am passionate about promoting positive births. While I was pregnant I used to get quite frustrated by so many people telling me how awful labour and birth was. I was constantly asked how scared I was followed by what went wrong in their births. I feel there is a lot of negativity around labour and birth when there shouldn’t be. It is important to remember it is a completely natural process that our fantastic bodies are able to do. It can be nervous as it is the unknown but the following tips can help promote a positive mindset and mentally prepare you for the journey ahead.

hypnobirthing classesDo research to suit you

We are all different in how we want to prepare for birth. Personally, I wanted to know everything I could about it, from a straightforward birth to anything that could not quite go to plan. On the other hand, I have also spoken to people who didn’t want to know anything and looked at it as it had to happen so just go with the flow. Do what you feel will best benefit you




hypnobirthing classesSurround yourself with positive people

Speak to your close family and friends so they understand you want to approach your birth with a positive mindset. They will be able to support you with keeping positive and looking forward to the arrival of your baby


hypnobirthing classesKeep positive and calm

Using relaxation techniques can help mentally prepare you for birth. A brilliant way is through hypnobirthing, teaching you relaxation techniques using mindfulness and visualisation methods to focus. These techniques can help you feel calm and in control that can be used in all types of labour, no matter what the situation.


hypnobirthing classes

Plan everyone’s role on the big day

Ensure your birth partner knows what their role is during your labour and birth. This means they can help speak up for you in times when your concentration is focused on a contraction. Having a way to communicate with each other at these times can be a great way for you to relax, knowing someone understands your wishes. My husband found this very useful as it gave him something to prepare for so he felt helpful.


hypnobirthing classes

Plan ahead

If you like a plan it can be beneficial to do a birth plan so that your wishes are all written down in one place for Healthcare Professionals. While making a plan, it is also best to keep in mind that giving birth doesn’t always go to plan. Keeping an open mind can help in the case of things not going exactly to plan

We should be celebrating what our bodies can do, to be lucky enough to bring a baby in to the world!



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