How will I know when my baby is ready to wean…?

Ready to wean?

The recommended age to start introducing solid foods to your baby is around 6 months. But all babies are different and it can be hard to know when the right time is for YOU. Just as some roll over or crawl early or late some babies are will be ready to start solid foods sooner than others too. I recommend bearing in mind the 6-month guideline as well as looking out for a combination of the following signs:

  • Good head and neck control and remaining in a seated position with the support of an upright baby seat or high chair
  • Hand-eye co-ordination allowing baby to pick up food and move it to their mouth
  • The ability to swallow food. You want to see that more of the food goes in and is swallowed than is pushed back out by baby’s tongue.

Online weaning course

Unless you have been advised otherwise by a suitable health professional, it’s best to wait until you see a combination of all of these signs together before starting to wean. For more information or advice on weaning please do leave me a comment or check out my online weaning course. Quote ‘catherine40’ for a brilliant 40% off.

Catherine Lippe
Children's nutritionist specialising in weaning, fussy eating, pregnancy, new mums and early years nutrition.
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