Are there protected areas?

We handpick our experts and will only accept a handful per area, dependent on the treatment type and demand for services. You can rest assured that our exclusive platform will only have the best experts, and you will always be found by clients in your area.

Is there a minimum sign up period?

Our minimum sign up period is 3 months, which allows us to get to know you, and for you to develop your page on the platform.

Why is there a verification fee?

The verification fee is a £5 fee for the team to go through your qualifications, accreditation certificates and for these to be verified with your accrediting body or training organisation.

What if I’m worried about a client I’m seeing?

We trust you to use your professional skills if worried about a client, by discussing in supervision, and if necessary, contacting health authorities or the emergency services. You can contact us for support anytime by emailing

How do clients pay?

Clients pay you directly giving you freedom and flexibility regarding the fees you charge. You can ask clients to pay at the session, or you can take payment beforehand, in any format that you choose.

How are the directory results ordered when a visitor searches for a therapist near them?

Clients are able to search using a number of terms, including postcode, town, service/treatment type and keywords. The best matches for the clients need come up, ordered by the distance from the place or postcode listed.

How long can my profile be?

Your profile can be as long as you wish. We encourage you to use keywords such as ‘nutritionist in Guildford’, for your particular area of expertise, when writing the content for your profile, as it helps Google find your page.

You can also upload blogs and list events and classes on your profile.

For tips developing your profile page, visit our Five Hive: Marketing Toolkit, where you can purchase the toolkit, or toolkit sections individually.

How much information do I have to provide on my profile?

You can list as much information on your profile as prospective clients would find helpful. Try and put yourself in your clients’ shoes when setting up your page. Areas of expertise, your previous experience, and the ways you work, are all vital pieces of information.

Can I add a second practice address to my profile?

You can add two separate clinic/practice addresses on your profile. Both addresses will be listed with separate maps.

How do I upload photos?

Visit the upload photos button in your dashboard to upload photos.

Will clients be able to see my email address?

Client correspondence is made to your expert dashboard mailbox, to ensure security and to stop unsolicited emails. You can share your business email with clients at any point in the process.

How do I publish an article on the website?

We love receiving your blogs, and know they help position you as an expert, and allow Google to find your page more easily, so we encourage you to send us as many as you can.

Please use the upload blog button on your dashboard to upload your blog. All blogs will automatically be sent through to The Luna Hive team, who will go through your blog, verify, and publish along with a link to your directory page.

Is the experts area secure?

The expert dashboard is fully secure.

What about GDPR compliance?

All personal details will be held securely, and you, as a practitioner, commit to GDPR compliance with any client data coming through our platform.

What do I do with my Expert Luna Badge?

Follow *these step by step instructions* on how to do this.

Please upload the badge to your website to show everyone you are one of our trusted experts!

Any questions?

Reach out to us at

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