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We offer a range of treatments and services aimed at making your pregnancy a joyful experience. Our services will prepare you for that all important labour, whilst offering support when you need it most. Whether you want a bespoke pregnancy package, or a single treatment to support you and your bump, we have it all!

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Our goal at The Luna Hive is to keep you healthy in pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. We offer everything you need to stay well in your first, second and third trimester, and the support you require when things don’t feel like they are going to plan. From Hypnobirthing classes and antenatal classes, to birth doulas and independent midwives, visit our expert women’s health directory today and find the practitioner for you.

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Our experts work with women on a range of areas including birth preparation and education, birth fear, depression in pregnancy, healthy nutrition during pregnancy, general wellness, pregnancy pelvic pain, pelvic floor issues, pregnancy anxiety, pregnancy back pain treatment, pregnancy support, SPD treatment, sleep issues in pregnancy and tiredness and nausea.

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I strongly believe in positive birth, respecting birth choices and making informed decisions. Supporting parents without judgement and providing them with the information they need to enjoy the birth process. - Steph Standing, Antenatal Teacher
We never forget how we give birth. My dream is for every woman (and partner) to remember the birth of their baby with pride, filled with joy and wonder. Hypnobirthing can help achieve that. - Lucy Shutes, Hypnobirthing teacher
One of the things I love most about being a midwife is being able to spend time getting to know my clients and their families - building strong, trusting, professional relationships that allow me to provide safe, holistic care tailored to suit your needs. - Lynsey Adams, Independent Midwife


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Independent midwives are those who choose to work outside of the NHS to offer specialist care to women and babies during pregnancy and birth (whether that be a hospital or home birth) and the first weeks of motherhood. They can offer you specialist care, however you choose to birth. Our expert midwives are experienced at putting you at the centre of your care, ensuring you feel supported, and informed throughout the process.

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Our therapists specialise in pregnancy massage, which is the adaptation of general massage practices for pregnancy to give you a safe, yet relaxing experience. Massage can be firm, relieving tightness and discomfort, or softer to allow for a more relaxing experience, based on your needs. The pregnant women who visit our massage experts often report reductions in stress and anxiety, reductions in tension and an increased feeling of wellbeing.

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Antenatal classes are accessed during pregnancy, and help you prepare for your baby’s birth, through movement, education, and other birth related techniques. They support you in staying healthy in pregnancy, as well as building your knowledge and confidence. Research has even shown that attending antenatal classes can reduce anxiety, reduce the length of time spent in labour, and increase your likelihood of a positive experience!

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Our team of specialist osteopaths support pregnant women to feel healthy and well. Osteopathy is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together. It is effective at safely managing pregnancy pain, improving overall flexibility and improving wellbeing. For gentle, yet effective pregnancy pain management, book in with one of our experts.

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Our Surrey Hypnobirthing classes and individual sessions aim to support pregnant women to have a calmer birth, through education, relaxation and breathing techniques. Our experts help to release fear, develop self-belief, and equip mum with the tools and knowledge for a more positive birthing experience. And it doesn’t matter what type of birth you plan for – from calm homebirths, to caesarean sections, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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Pregnancy yoga is an effective way to exercise body and mind. It makes use of physical exercise, breathing, and mindfulness or relaxation practices. Some modifications are required in pregnancy, but our experts are ready to guide you with modifications to suit fitness level and goals. The main benefit is that it can help you maintain flexibility, avoid stiffness, and stay supple and healthy. There are a range of different 1:1 and group options to suit you and your lifestyle.


Pregnancy can be a magical period of your life. However it can also be a worrying time that comes with a whole host of surprises, some more beneficial than others. Whether you are wanting help getting pregnant, or are already pregnant, questions will arise regarding your pregnancy journey.


Your support and wellbeing needs will also change from early pregnancy to the second and third trimester. And it can be hard to know what’s best for you and your baby’s health. Can you exercise as before you were pregnant? What are the best pregnancy supplements? What foods can you not eat in pregnancy?


Birth planning and preparation for labour is also a vital part of your journey. Whatever birth you plan on having, it’s important you feel empowered and calm. From birth plans for a calm birth to pregnancy relaxation, we have it all.


We have a wide range of pregnancy specific treatments and services that can relax you, reduce pain and stiffness, and help you keep well during pregnancy. See our Luna A to Zzz for a description of all our treatments.


Our experts work alongside NHS and private midwives and antenatal/maternity units, in Surrey, and across the UK. Contact us today to find out more!


We have a range of blogs written by our pregnancy specialists. Have a question and want to get pregnancy tips and advice? Contact us today for expert advice and support.


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Book a face-to-face, telephone or online appointment with one of our handpicked experts. From individual sessions to groups, and pilates to reflexology, we have all the expert women’s health practitioners you need to feel happy and healthy.  



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