The menopause is a natural stage of life, but we understand how worrying it can be. It’s a challenging time, with physical and emotional changes taking place, some of which feel difficult to accept. At The Luna Hive, we want to support you through these stages, making the changes easier for you to bear, through expert advice, support and treatment.

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We offer a range of treatments and services aimed at promoting lifestyle changes and managing the symptoms of the menopause. From NICE guideline interventions to alternative, natural remedies for menopause, we have a range of services to support your body and mind. You can also visit our blog for top tips on symptom management.

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Our experts work with women on a range of areas including anxiety, depression, early menopause, hot flushes, joint pain, mood swings, muscle pain, vaginal dryness, sleeping issues, premature menopause and perimenopause. From osteopathy and yoga, to CBT and nutrition, visit our expert women’s health directory today and find the practitioner for you.

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I am part of Holland and Barrett’s Me.No.Pause campaign and am making it my mission to help as many women as I can going through their own menopause journey. – Ati Balding, Counsellor
The menopause may feel difficult but you are not alone. The clients who see us for treatments and counselling during the menopause find it has a huge positive impact on their symptoms and wellbeing. - Dr Jo Gee, Psychotherapist
Aside from the physical benefits, exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on your energy levels and mood, making you feel better and more like you again, too. – Carly Corrigall, Personal trainer


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Osteopathy is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together. It can help you improve overall flexibility and posture, resulting in improved health and a reduction in pain. Women often come to see our experts with pelvic pain and perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, seeking alleviation of symptoms.

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Hypnotherapy makes use of hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. It can support you to manage anxiety, phobias, certain habits and behaviours. A recent study found that menopausal women receiving hypnotherapy noticed a dramatic reduction in hot flushes severity and frequency. Our hypnotherapists can help you alleviate symptoms, feel happier in yourself and develop coping skills.

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Yoga can help you address symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, anxiety and stiffness. Yoga is a restorative exercise which builds your strength, flexibility and with a focus on breathing to support your physical and mental wellbeing. It can even help regulate hormones! The women that attend our yoga classes report decreased stress, decreased hot flushes and  joint pain, and increased energy!

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Cognitive behavioural therapy is a therapeutic approach that can help you manage psychological problems by changing the way you think and behave. It’s most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other mental and physical health problems. It is hugely beneficial for menopausal women helping you to manage emotional symptoms, to come to terms with bodily changes, and to explore changes to your relationships.

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Acupuncture, a practice derived from Chinese medicine, is an alternative therapy where thin needles are inserted into the body at certain points. It can be used to promote wellbeing, to effectively and safely treat menopause symptoms and more. Acupuncture can alleviate certain menopausal symptoms in women by reducing the heat that can arise as the body’s hormone levels (especially oestrogen) fall during the menopause. To book, contact us today!

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Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach to maximising your health and wellbeing through individually formulated nutrition and lifestyle changes. It aims to look at you as a whole person, as opposed to your menopause symptoms, and recognises that each individual has their own specific requirements. Our menopause experts support you to eat well through the use of wholesome foods, alongside suggesting foods with specific therapeutic effects.


The menopause is a stressful time for the majority of women, affecting you both physically and mentally. Major changes are occurring in your body due to falling oestrogen levels and this can have a large impact on your health and wellbeing. There are many things you can do to help your symptoms but there is always treatment from various therapists and the NHS if you feel that you need it.


According to the British Menopause Association the average age of UK women entering Menopause is 51, although the typical age range is from 45 to age 55. However, 1 in 100 experience menopause before the age of 40, known as early or premature menopause.


Menopause is an entirely natural hormonal process that spans several years, although this varies enormously from woman to woman. Usually the longest phase of this process is the first phase, Peri-menopause, which can last several years as the body makes a gradual change. Whilst there are many symptoms associated with Peri-Menopause, you won’t necessarily experience them all, and may be lucky enough to just experience a few.


Many women experience anxiety, irritability, mood swings, lack of concentration, feelings of sadness and even depression due to the menopause. Vaginal dryness, itching or discomfort during sex are common symptoms.


We have a wide range of natural menopause specific treatments and services that can help you manage symptoms and feel relaxed and supported. See our Luna A to Zzz for a description of all our treatments.


Our experts work alongside NHS and private GPs, clinics and hospitals, in Surrey, and across the UK. Contact us today to find out more!



We have a range of blogs written by our menopause specialists. Have a question and want to get menopause tips and advice? Contact us today for expert advice and support.


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Book a face-to-face, telephone or online appointment with one of our handpicked experts. From individual sessions to groups, and pilates to reflexology, we have all the expert women’s health practitioners you need to feel happy and healthy.  



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