Any idea how to get rid of knots?


Often, the only time someone comes to me for a back massage is when they have either injured themselves or the knots in their back have become so bad that they have physically crunched up.

All anyone wants to know is, “how can I get rid of the knots?”


Well, firstly – you need to start paying attention to your body. A knot is where your muscle fibres have contracted and locked, stretching the remaining muscle fibre causing it to struggle to support your movements.

Not only are knots painful and a hinderance, but they also stop the blood flow to the surrounding tissue – starving it of essential oxygen and nutrients. And because none of the good stuff can get in, the bad stuff builds up. Waste and toxins stay lodged in the knot, which is why you feel tension in that area.


So how can you get rid of those pesky knots? Well, one massage isn’t going to cut it. It takes time for knots to develop, which means they take time to fix. The general rule of thumb from massage therapists is “however long the injury took will take twice as long to mend.”

My recommendation, based on what I’ve seen from my current clients, is if you have an office job, do a lot of exercise and gym work, or currently have sustained an injury then weekly or fortnightly massages are necessary. They’ll help to break down the knots that have built (and I’ve felt knots on top of knots before!) and give that injury site some much needed fresh blood flow to speed up recovery time.

Once your muscle fibres have ‘unbunched’, massage can become a monthly maintenance routine (even just half an hour does the trick). My clients who regularly rebook short half hour massages have much healthier muscles and recovery systems than those who only feel the need to come to me when their body is screaming out for attention.


But if you can’t commit that amount of time or money (which happens to all of us some months!) then the following can also help:

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  1. Alternate hot water bottles and ice packs (or a pack of frozen peas) on the area. This will stimulate the muscles to start working and will provide blood flow to the area to help break it down.
  2. Stretching – small amounts of light exercise and particularly a good warm up and warm down routine help your muscles adjust a lot better, and help with the prevention of knots in the first place.
  3. Use products like arnica cream or oil and self massage the area. It has properties that help relieve muscular aches and pains (for aromatherapy lovers I recommend black pepper).


Ignoring a knot may make it go away eventually, but if you want to get rid of a knot fast then these would be my recommendations.

One of my clients once told me that she noticed a real difference now she books regular massages in how her body handles a full time stressful job on her feet 8 hours a day, gym four times a week and scrunching up on the sofa at the end of the day (and we’re all guilty of that!). I’m really pleased that she can see and feel the difference – I know I can when I massage her!


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