5 Ways to Set Up a Baby Nursery on a Budget

Preparing for a new baby

Preparing for your new baby is such an exciting experience. Setting up a cosy nursery for them is one of the best part, but also one that usually eats up most of your baby budget. The good news is that you can create a warm and beautiful nursery for your precious baby even on a shoestring budget.

pregnancy support surreyStep Away from Pinterest!

I know you’re thinking “whaaat?”, but hear me out. Reconsidering what’s necessary, and buying second-hand items and repurposing other pieces of furniture are the basic and easiest ways to cut costs. When your baby first arrives, all they really need is plenty of love, milk and warmth. Throw in a few clean clothes, nappies and a safe warm place to sleep, and your baby is good to go.

Of course you want to create a cosy and nurturing environment for your baby but take my advice and step away from Pinterest! Follow these simple tips for a sweet baby nursery on a budget, and reduce the stress on your wallet as you step into new parenthood. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more along the way you’ll want to save up for.

pregnancy support surreyGet a bassinet 

Most people rush out and get a crib for their baby the moment they hear they’re pregnant. But a new born baby is often more comfortable in a bassinet. A crib is a massive space for a tiny baby and they may feel a little overwhelmed at first. Save money by starting your baby in a non-toxic bassinet which is handy because it’s portable and looks adorable too.


pregnancy support surreyTurn around second hand

Another great option is to invest in a crib which converts into a toddler bed. That way, it lasts you for much longer. When you’re setting up your nursery, rethink the idea that everything has to be brand new. Second hand or up-cycled pieces of furniture can look equally good. And often, if they’ve been aired out for a few years, most of the toxins and chemicals in the wood and paint would have had time to disseminate.

So don’t be shy to ask friends and family if they have a dresser, changing table or closet they no longer need. Maybe your parents or grandparents have a rocking chair they can pass down to you- it’s the perfect place to sit quiet and nurse your newborn baby.

If you’re handy with a paintbrush or a sewing machine, you can add an extra lick of lead-free paint, or new fabric covers to brighten up your up-cycled furniture and get them to match your colour scheme. An old dresser can look really chic and brand new once it’s been sanded down – add a soft pad on top and you’ve got a unique changing table, and you can even store baby’s clothes and diapers inside- how wonderful!

pregnancy support surreyThink long-term 

Before you embark on decorating, think long-term and go for a scheme that can grow with your child. White or cream often look really stylish, and you can always add pops of colour or accents to keep things interesting. This way you’ll save on redecorating a few years down the line – and you can adapt the room as your child grows.

Another interesting option is to use wall decals – they’re inexpensive, really easy to apply, look great and the best part? When your little one has outgrown butterflies or trains, you can just peel them right off. And when you’re shopping for bedding, forget the idea that you have to have everything colour coded! Have a colour scheme in mind, and go for pieces that complement each other. Always shop around for the best bargains. Compare prices online for the lowest deals and keep an eye out for sales and clearances, you might be surprised at your finds.

pregnancy support surreyA neat sheet trick 

Here’s a vital tip from someone who’s been there. Have two or three waterproof sheets that you can layer on top of each other. If you have a nappy leak or a sick baby in the night, you’ll appreciate just being able to peel off the top layer, clean baby up and pop them straight back to bed without having to search around for clean bedding. Skip fancy crib bumpers, soft toys and pillows in the bed. They’re unnecessary and can be a suffocation risk for your baby (read more about SIDS).

The Bottom Line

Creating the perfect space for your precious baby can be fun and exciting if you’re not fretting about budget. With these simple practical tips, you can set up a cosy nursery without having to buy everything brand new, or stocking up on items that you later realise you never actually used! Second hand or upcycled pieces of nursery furniture are great options, when you’re working within a budget and trust me, no one will know the difference.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner child while decorating. Your nursery will be a unique, beautiful space reflecting your family’s style. Add personal touches by hanging up a few family pictures, or popping a few of your favourite childhood books on the bookshelf or even making prints of your baby’s hand and footprints once they arrive, as a wonderful memory on the wall.

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Shobita is an architect, Blogger and mum of 2 stubborn toddlers. As a young mum living in London, she has been extensively researching safe and non-toxic products for her two little rock stars. She takes you along with her on this non-toxic journey of parenthood and on her hunt for the best and safest baby products out there.

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