A Letter for Anyone Struggling with Mother’s Day

Coping with Mother’s Day

To anyone woman wondering how they are going to cope with Mother’s Day,

You may or may not have seen an email from Superdrug doing the rounds on social media that is approaching Mother’s Day a little differently:

“We wanted to reach out to you, as from next week we’ll be sending out Mother’s Day themed emails. We know that this is a sensitive topic for many, and completely understand if you would prefer not to read them.”

It then goes on and gives you the option to opt out of these themed marketing emails. How many organisations, whose focus is supposedly on women’s health and well-being like Superdrug, actually acknowledge that not everyone wants to be reminded of Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day and loss

hypnobirthing classesWhether your mother has passed away, you have experienced the death of a child or the relationship with your mother is less than ideal, focus on this day can trigger all the grief, disappointment and hurt to come back up to the surface.

So what can we do to protect ourselves during Mother’s Day?

  • We can do something to celebrate the life of our mother if they’ve died and remember the lessons they have passed onto us, what qualities and characteristics in us that we share with her.
  • We can accept that we have zero control over what type of person our mother is and that we can break the cycle with our own children if we want to mother a different way.
  • We can remember our angel babies and for whatever time they were with us, we were the best mother we could be.
  • Be kind to yourself – this one day will pass.
  • List 3 things you are grateful for today and remind yourself of those when you start to feel sad.

Remember you’ve got this,

Rachel x

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