5 ways fertility hypnotherapy can support you

Fertility support

Your fertility journey should be joyous and exciting, but for 1 in 7 couples in the UK, it’s downright painful and life absorbing. We are surrounded by others just falling pregnant at the drop of a hat and gorgeous babies being pushed around in prams wherever we look. What starts off as exciting soon becomes an extreme addiction looking out for every sign within your body, checking your ovulation and the disappointment when your period begins again. We can quickly become obsessed and try everything to increase our chances. We watch what we eat and drink, take up yoga, explore alternative health options and even remove all plastic from our homes.

However one thing I’ve found that we ignore is our emotional and mental wellbeing during our journey. Our minds are powerful and if utilised correctly can assist us in a positive way. Hypnotherapy, which Babycentre describes here, can get deep to the issues and support you with your fears, obsession and emotions. Hypnotherapy can support you in 5 main ways.

fertility surreyOffloading

Talking about your feelings will allow you space and time to talk and offload all of your emotions in a safe and non-judgemental way. Just this alone can feel like a great release and can then allow us to work on strategies on how to deal with these emotions.





fertility surreyRelaxation techniques

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing and nurturing therapy. It allows you time to let go and unwind and equips you with easy to use techniques in your everyday life. Hypnotherapists can also provide you with a recording of your session that you can listen to whenever you feel your stress levels rising.






fertility surreyRelease the fear

Hypnotherapy works with you to release any blocks or fears that may be buried deep inside your subconscious. You may have experienced a loss through a miscarriage or a fear of never getting pregnant. We will explore what your personal fears are and work specifically on those. If your subconscious feels fear, stress or worry then it will take you into survival mode, which is not conducive to fertility.




fertility surreyIVF support

The British Society of Clinic Hypnosis explains how stress inhibits fertility, and that by treating the stress in IVF, we increase success rates. If you are starting IVF, Hypnotherapy can support you through the process with relaxation and visualisation techniques. Studies have shown a 50% increase in success rates when using relaxation techniques such as Hypnotherapy.





fertility surreyExploring your options

Deciding on your options can be an extremely daunting and scary task. Hypnotherapy and Coaching can help you explore your options, help you to visualise what and how the outcomes would feel like and help you to become comfortable with your decisions. Leaving you feeling strong and in control again.







Daniela is a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis for fertility practitioner. She is passionate about women and fertility with her own fertility journey. She supports clients to feel stronger, wiser, calmer, confident and in control.

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