5 things I wish they’d told me about pregnancy

Learning from pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a whole host of surprises, some more beneficial than others. We don’t mean to not pass on these pearls of wisdom to our friends who are next in the pregnancy queue, we just block these things from our mind; it’s a preservation thing. Another problem being that no 2 pregnancies are the same, as I found out first hand after waiting 16 years between having The Boy and The Girl. The following are things I wish someone had reminded me or warned me about, because round 2 was so different, I wasn’t sure if I was the same person.

women's health surreyEveryone will want to talk to you

This is something that was new to me and I didn’t cope well with it. With my first I was quite young, but I looked even younger. This meant that people in the street looked at me like a promiscuous teenager, rather than someone they could approach and ask hundreds of mildly inappropriate questions – normally the same questions. I definitely preferred my first pregnancy experience when it came to this aspect. I am not good with people and my sarcastic mouth and lack of filter. This meant that I would inadvertently offend in innocent old lady, simply wanting to wish me well.


women's health surreyAre You OK?

A phrase that seemed to be on repeat throughout both my pregnancies – get used to hearing it. I was too young, scared and stupid to really pay much attention to it the first time round, but this time the frequency increased and my patience diminished. Was I terminally ill instead of growing a human the way women have done for millennia. I didn’t do “glowing” like other expectant mothers, so it seemed like a constant reminder that I looked a bit off. Maybe baby number 3 (we’ll see about that) will see me glow.


women's health surreyMorning Sickness doesn’t necessarily mean a Vom Fest

I suffered with morning sickness in its truest sense during my first pregnancy. Every morning for 8 months, I would get in the car to head to work and have to make a pit stop at the local supermarket. Eventually, the kind cashiers got to know me and what I needed post chunder. I would be greeted at the tills with a bottle of Lilt and a packet of Wotsits, and go on to feel fine for the rest of the day. This time round there was just a general feeling of queasy, no vomit, but it lasted every day until I was about 20 weeks. I didn’t even realise the latter was “morning sickness” until it was pointed out to me by a friend’s husband – how dumb was I?

women's health surreyIf it’s in the top 5 of stressful things to do – don’t do it!

Somehow I have managed to be buying, selling or moving house during both pregnancies. This resulted in both of my children not being brought “home” from the hospital. There was no nursery set up ready to go. And things we needed were in a box somewhere under a general air of chaos. If, like me, you’re prone to a touch of anxiety then this is not advisable. In a world that has just been turned on its head with the arrival of a small, needy, noisy, former womb lodger, the last thing you need is less order and more stress. Please learn from my mistakes – drink tea and watch Judge Rinder during maternity leave. Don’t pack up kitchens and sign contracts.

women's health surreyEnjoy the naps!

I really wish I had cherished every little sleep I had when pregnant. I wish someone had reminded me that a Sunday afternoon snooze on the sofa is something to be cherished. As now the days of a quick power nap are over.








Catherine is mum to The boy (16) and The Girl (6 months). She’s a Queen of Sarcasm, Actress, Model, Manager, Partner, Blogger and Writer – not necessarily in that order. Check out her blog, Things as I C it and find her on Instagram and Twitter @cathiward.

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