5 Reasons to Count the Kicks

Count the kicks

When you are pregnant, those first months just having to trust everything is ok can be so difficult. Little do you know that once they start moving you are going to be filled with a new anxiety. Have I felt them today? Have they moved enough? How do I know what is enough?

Baby’s movements help to indicate that they are healthy and happy. If you are EVER worried, you should contact your midwives the same day – don’t wait. Anxious that you haven’t felt your baby’s movements much that day? Counting the kicks is the best way to assess.

pregnancy support surreyChecking Baby is OK

How do you count the kicks?  Well most women start to feel movements between 16-23 weeks. A movement is counted as a kick, swish, flutter or roll. There is no set number of normal movements. Your baby will have their own specific, unique pattern of movements which you will learn. Checking this regularly will help you to understand what is normal for your baby. If you ever notice a reduction in movements from what is normal and you are concerned, call your midwife straight away. Don’t wait until the next day.

pregnancy support surreyHelps You to Bond

Taking some time to relax and enjoy your baby’s movements can be helpful bonding time. In a busy life – taking time to talk or sing to your bump and for you to rest is important. Regularly counting kicks and being aware of movement patterns makes you feel closer to your little one. Here are some other ways to bond with your bump before baby arrives!

pregnancy support surrey

Helps Your Partner Bond with Baby Too

For you and your partner, taking time to relax at the end of a day and feel your baby move – counting those kicks – will be a wonderful opportunity. It will allow them to feel more involved in the pregnancy and more aware of the anxieties that often only mothers carry around. If your partner talks to your little one and you both enjoy a chat or a cuddle at the same time, all that joy and oxytocin is fab for family bonding too. Think your other half could do with some support bonding with their little one? Send them this article, written exclusively for expectant partners!



pregnancy support surreyMindfulness

As a pregnant mummy your life will be full to the brim – children to care for, work, decorating nurseries. You are likely to be consumed with the future. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your mind to the present. It is a way to fully acknowledge and accept your feelings, bodily sensations and emotions – including your baby’s movements. Taking the time to practice mindfulness whilst enjoying your baby’s movements will be fantastic for your mental health. If you are feeling stressed this is a great way to ‘check out’ of the hustle and just be!

pregnancy support surreyAccess to Monitoring

If you are aware of your baby’s movement patterns, then you are more likely to know when to worry. If you have counted kicks and aren’t feeling the usual movements then you should contact your midwife right away. They may offer you foetal monitoring at your hospital or a local clinic to check baby is ok. Foetal monitoring simply involves strapping two pads to your bump. This allows your midwife to assess your baby’s heart rate and movements on a machine. If they are concerned, then further tests may be carried out or you may be admitted for further monitoring.


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