5 pregnancy nutrition hacks

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Nutritional therapy is an evidence-based approach to maximising one’s health and wellbeing through individually formulated nutrition and lifestyle changes. Nutritional therapy isn’t about telling you what to eat, but is a process of education, and collaboration where the nutritional therapist works with you to make healthy changes to your diet.

There’s no stigma or judgement – just two minds, working together for the goal of health.

The benefits of eating well in pregnancy

Good nutrition is important for women’s health in general, but it becomes vital when we are pregnant, in keeping ourselves and our developing baby healthy.

There is often conflicting advice around what you can eat, what you can’t eat, and how much you should eat. And how do we work out what is right for us?

The problem with what we read in books and online, is that it isn’t tailored to us, and with nutrition, one size often doesn’t fit all. That’s when the support of nutritional therapists can be vital in finding out exactly what suits you and your situation.

Even better is that proper nutrition can support (and even eliminate) pregnancy symptoms. So what should we, or should we not be eating?

pregnancy surreyWholegrains

Wholegrains not only prevent constipation, but also increase your uptake of nutrients vital to pregnancy, such as vitamins and minerals, like zinc and calcium.






pregnancy surreyOrganic

It’s best to buy organic food, as organic foods are more nutrient rich. They also have lower levels of herbicides and pesticides which could be damaging to your health. Visit the Soil Association for more information on buying organic.






pregnancy surreyProtein

Protein is vital for growth and development and therefore is vital in growing a baby. So, plenty of protein is required from meat, beans, fish, eggs and nuts.






pregnancy surreyFolate

Folate is vital in supplement form throughout pregnancy. Midwives recommend folic acid, included in many prenatal vitamins, however the natural folate, is more effective as is absorbed more readily.





pregnancy surreyWater

Drinking water keeps you hydrated, and avoids constipation. A win, win. Modern Honey has a list of spa inspired, fruit infused water ideas!








We have a team of nutritional therapists across Surrey, ready to support you, whether you have a specific health concern or just want to stay healthy during pregnancy.

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