5 practical ways to prepare for the 4th trimester

Preparing to have a baby

The last few weeks before your baby arrives can be a mixture of emotions. You might have done antenatal classes or hypnobirthing, read books and blogs or spoken to friends and family. You’re as prepared as you’ll ever be but you might be wondering what practical things you can do to make your life as easy as possible once baby arrives.

These are the 5 practical ways to prepare for the 4th trimester:

new mum surreyBatch cook

You’ve probably heard this one as its common advice for a very good reason – it’s an absolute lifesaver in those early days when cooking is the last thing on your mind. An extra tip is to buy takeaway pots (the foil ones with the card lids, you can get them from supermarkets or Amazon). Put the food in them and then write what is in the pot and instructions for reheating it, on the lid. That way if someone else is sorting dinner they can get on with it without disturbing you. Plus, try and make dinners that can be put in the oven, so you can heat (minus the card lid) and eat and throw the pot away.





new mum surreyPrepare on online shop

While you have a little time before the baby arrives and also the headspace to think logically about what you might need, go on to a supermarket website and do a shopping list for all the bits you need on a weekly basis (you know, bread, milk, snacks, squash, tea, coffee -you’ll have lots of visitors most likely so this will run out quickly!). Then, when the baby is here and you realise that you need a top up, you can go online, add it all to your basket and schedule it to arrive the next day!





new mum surreyAsk for vouchers

If anyone asks you if you want them to make you some food, ask for vouchers instead. Supermarket or Cook vouchers are an absolute godsend 6-weeks in when you are still exhausted. Especially once the stream of food being brought to the house has dried up and you still have no inclination to cook.

If you are going to buy Cook for yourselves, they do a 10% off card for new parents so make sure you fill in the form and get some money off!




new mum surreyStraw cups

Straw cups (the ones with the lid and a straw in the middle) are such a useful new mum hack. If you are breastfeeding you might be really thirsty but feeding can make it tricky to get the right angle to drink out of a glass and not spill it on baby’s head. A straw cup means you don’t have to move your head at all. A normal cup with a straw or a water bottle work equally as well.






new mum surreyInvest in a postnatal Doula

Another option which can be an amazing gift is time with a postnatal Doula. This is especially relevant if you don’t have a close support network near to you. A postnatal Doula can come to your house and support you by looking after the baby while you rest. They can do some cooking, light cleaning or even just giving you someone to talk to.








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