5 natural ways to reduce endometriosis pain

Endometriosis pain

Living with endometriosis is like living with a timebomb. After every excruciating period, the clock ticks down until the next one. As the days draw closer, the anxiety about how intense this period will be looms ominously. How will I make it through? Will I have to take a day off work? Do I have enough pain killers on standby? Will that be enough?

No one wants to live like this, but for many women it is the norm. The solution offered to me, at age 17, was to have a baby. Not exactly what a school girl wants to hear. Feeling slightly let down, I embraced more natural and holistic solutions.

Having had first-hand experience, I knew I wanted to help women break free of this hidden battle with their bodies. The good news is that I have now helped women reduce or eliminate their endometriosis pain through a holistic approach and Womb Massage Therapy and I want to share my top tips. Here are 5 natural ways towards pain free periods.

fertility surreyReducing inflammatory foods from your diet

A quick Google search will find many lists of inflammatory foods; the snag is that everybody is different. You will need to work with your body to find out what improves your symptoms and which common allergens make it worse. Trial and error over time. Consulting a qualified nutritionist will speed up the process.





new mum surreyCastor oil packs

The castor oil pack is very soothing and the oil penetrates deep into the abdominal tissues helping to remove toxins from the body. Castor oil can help break down adhesions in the pelvic area, releasing tension and is also an excellent way to connect with your body.





fertility surreyJournaling

Endometriosis is the disease of competition with yourself. Are you really listening to what you want in your life? What do you need right now?

Take some time out to really think/feel about your needs. Allow your thoughts to be as creative as possible. The expressive energy of your womb or sacral chakra is asking to be heard. Jot all your thoughts and feelings into a notebook. Read through your notes and commit to taking one action on what needs to change.



fertility surreyWomb massage therapy

A gentle self abdominal massage or non-invasive Womb Massage Therapy from a practitioner can help improve the blood flow to your digestive system and womb which promotes tissue healing. The Womb Massage experience is very nurturing, allowing you to tune into your body in a positive way. Clients find their mood lifted, they feel they have more energy and less anxiety towards the end of the month.

If you find yourself fearing or fighting your body each month, why not join forces with her and be on the same side; working together towards a pain free natural solution.


fertility surreyYoga stretches

Any exercise which stretches and strengthens the abdominal, back and pelvic areas is beneficial. It is well known how exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) and reduces stress, which in, turn reduces pain. Exercise also helps you feel brighter and more energised.







Applying these 5 changes everyday will help to reduce the pain and lessen the fear of the ticking month timebomb.




Sarah Rowe owns Surrey Holistic Healing and specialises in massage therapy and Reiki in Surrey, to help people with pain and stress feel better. She runs successful self-care groups for women who want to develop a healthier lifestyle and be happier.

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