5 best weaning hacks

Weaning time

So you’ve made it through the first 5 months. You’ve battled with feeding routines, survived sleep deprivation and you feel like you *almost* know what you’re doing. And then you realise that pretty soon it’s all going to change. Your baby starts eyeing up your food, salivating when you’re eating and indicating that they really would like some too. Yes, you need to start introducing solid food (aka weaning).

There are a lot of books you can buy, websites you can read and apps you can download, but if, like us, you just aren’t really sure where to start, we would highly recommend going on a course. Enjoy our 5 best weaning hacks below.

new mum and baby surreyHighchairs 


Our number one weaning product is the Ikea Antilop highchair. It’s easy to clean, really affordable (£14 for the highchair plus £7 for the inflatable cushion) and simple to take apart and transport in the car (this will happen more than you think it will!).




new mum and baby surreyBibs

Ok, so you can buy the best bib in the world but you’ll probably need to accept that sometimes, you’ll need to put them straight in the bath or do an outfit change! That said, bibs are going to be your best friend in keeping that washing pile down.

We love the Lassig bib which is really easy to wipe clean and soft so it doesn’t restrict baby’s movement. If you really want to minimise mess (ideal if you are out of the house over a meal time) use the jacket bib to protect clothes and then the pelican bib on top to catch the food!




new mum and baby surrey


The Munchkin Miracle 360 trainer cup is a no-spill cup that will have your friends without babies marvelling at how on earth it works (yes really!). It’s fair to say that it takes a little practice and might not be successful when tried before 6 months old, but is overall a brilliant product.






Storagenew mum and baby surrey

Once you start cooking food for your little one you’ll realise that a) initially they don’t eat that much and that even 1 carrot makes loads of puree; and b) it’s more time effective to have a batch cooking session than constantly cooking from scratch. Whether you’re pureeing or doing baby led, you’ll need something to freeze the food in and then some pots to defrost the food/take the food out of the house.

For freezing the food, ice cube size portions are great because you can start with one cube and as they start to eat more, you can combine flavours and increase portion sizes. We recommend the Oxo Tot baby food freezer tray which is better than a normal ice cube tray because it has a lid and the food cubes easily pop out (once you’ve mastered the twist motion!).

new mum and baby surreyCutlery 

Initially, you’ll just need a spoon to feed your baby with. Even if you’re doing baby led weaning, you might want to use a spoon for yoghurt or for your baby to practice.

These Munchkin white hot infant safety spoons are great if you want to be sure the food isn’t too hot before feeding your baby. As time goes on you’ll start to worry less and you’ll know if it is too hot, but initially these are a real comfort.





Sophie is a sleep consultant and co-founder of The Luna Hive. We have a number of new mum and baby experts across Surrey, ready to support you with weaning and more!

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