5 best rated fertility apps

Fertility apps

There is as they say, an app for everything these days. And when it comes to tracking your menstrual cycle/ when you are likely to ovulate, these apps have got your back.

womens health surreyOvia fertility

Ovia Fertility is a period tracker, ovulation calculator and basal body temperature chart all in one. You can track your mood, when you have had sex, cervical fluids, blood pressure and all kinds of other details. This information collection allows this app to claim a #1 most accurate ovulation calculator and period tracker.

It in particular it has over 2,000 free expert articles on all things reproductive health. It supports women with irregular periods and syncs with the Apple Health App as well as fitness tracking devices.

fertility surreyNatural Cycles

Natural Cycles is an app that tracks your basal body temperature to show whether you are fertile or not – if you sign up for an annual subscription you are given a Basal Thermometer that you use to record your temperature, you are asked to take your temperature daily and record it which allows the app to confirm whether you are likely to be fertile or not. With extensive studies they have managed to confirm that this contraceptive method is 93% affective, more so than a condom!

If you have irregular periods, then the app may have difficulty tracking your ovulation. For example it may give you an increased number of days when you cannot have sex if you are avoiding getting pregnant. There are also a lot of factors that may affect your temperature. These may include irregular sleep, certain medications, if you have had sex, smoking, etc. So as it doesn’t track all the other symptoms of ovulation it may mean it is not as accurate as other apps.

fertility health surreyFertility Friend

This app is an advanced ovulation and menstrual tracker and calendar, tracking all the usual signs – basal body temperature, cervical fluids, etc, and offers insights and analysis. It will teach you how to track your fertility signs and what they mean and they claim to have had a helping hand in over 650,000 pregnancies. This app has been around a while and in my humble opinion, could do with snazzing up a bit, but it is functional and clearly has a good reputation!

Passcode protected, alarm to remind you to take your temperature and log your data and extensive educational resources. You can also create a widget to display on your home screen among many other features.

infertility surreyGlow

Glow is a daily tracking app that allows you to log your mood, stress, sex, menstruation, cervical mucus, basal body temperature – you name it, you can log it. It provides a simple calendar view that helps to remind you when it’s important to have sex or avoid it depending on your needs! It is a very visual app and simple to use.

In particular this app has support for those undergoing IVF or IUI treatment. It also has a huge forum that allows you to join in with discussions on everything from fertility to birth.


fertility surreyThe Flow

The Flow App claims to be about much more than just tracking your periods and fertility, the cycles of your hormonal changes give you periods of greater energy, empathy and awareness, then creativity.

This app helps you harness those periods of time for your benefit. A benefit is that it also allows you to track your basal body temperature, weight, moods, etc. It includes interesting charts and diagrams indicating ovulation and menstruation.

It’s a little fiddly to figure out but very visual and gives you some interesting tips!


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