5 Best Fertility Resources

Trying to conceive

Whether you have been trying for a baby for a while and are starting to worry, or are already undergoing treatment – you may wonder where the best places to turn might be. Need more information? Feel like your relationship is struggling? Just want to make sure you are starting the process of trying to conceive with all the information?

Here are some suggestions for avenues you could go down:

trying to conceiveFertility Tracker Apps

One of the best ways for you to start is to download an App to track your menstrual cycle. We love Ovia Health as it tracks everything from your moods to your basal body temperature. If you track this kind of information it helps the app to pinpoint when you are ovulating. It is helpful to know when you are ovulating to give you the best chance of conceiving naturally. If you need to speak to doctors down the line then this information will also be useful to them.

trying to conceiveThe Internet

If you have questions about your fertility, try not to go down a google wormhole. This can cause more stress than good! You should try and rely on official resources to answer your questions – the NHS, British Fertility Society and the Fertility Network UK are all brilliant. Ultimately though, only doctors carrying out official tests will give you concrete answers.


trying to conceive

Support Groups

Whether you think they are for you or not, support groups can be essential for your mental health. Support groups come in many forms so try a few until you find a fit. If you want to find people who get it, local meets, Facebook groups and online forums are all great.

You will likely create friends for life from those who can empathise fully with your experiences. Relying only on friends and family who haven’t experienced fertility problems may put too much stress on those relationships. We always need people in our lives who really understand.

trying to conceiveEach Other

You are both each other’s No.1 resource when trying for a baby – both literally and relationship wise. Struggling with fertility can take a real toll on relationships. Stress can damage your sex life and affect your chances of conceiving physiologically. Equally the emotional rollercoaster can have serious mental health repercussions.

If you want to ensure your relationship survives such an emotionally charged time, take a look at this article from Motherly. It addresses very practically the ways that both of you can take care of each other in all ways. Struggling to start a conversation about infertility with your partner? Check out this article from Bustle for some great pointers.

trying to conceiveFertility Clinics

Your doctor and Fertility clinics can play a part from the very beginning of your baby-making journey. Private clinics can offer personal assessments and essential advice to aid in conceiving naturally. It is important when choosing a clinic, especially for medical intervention, to consider their success rates and general ethos.

Not all are created equal. Fertility clinics like Zita West in London treat fertility with a holistic approach. They address stress, sleep, diet and other lifestyle choices with natural complimentary therapies. These go hand in hand with medical tests and treatments to give them a superior success rate.

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