The 3 simple things you need to give birth

Giving birth

What does your body need from you to give birth? A birth pool? Candles? Massage? A TENS machine?
Nope. Of course, these things may help the process – but from a physiologically perspective it’s as simple as these three things.

  • You need to feel SAFE.
  • You need to feel RELAXED.
  • You need to feel UNOBSERVED.

Science behind birth

birthing classes surreyWhen we are in labour, we are hanging out in a part of our nervous system called the Parasympathetic Nervous System. And it’s in this state that our bodies produce all the hormones we need for labour to progress.

The minute we feel afraid, disturbed or watched we switch systems and head into EMERGENCY mode (sympathetic nervous system)! This can cause labour to slow down, become more painful or stop altogether! It’s our bodies’ natural response to protect our babies from perceived danger! But if the danger we sense isn’t actually a dinosaur or a fire, but an unfamiliar environment, or a conversation with someone we don’t know, then it’s NOT helpful!

We need the following:

  • Oxytocin – to initiate, regulate, maintain, lengthen and intensify our contractions.
  • Melatonin – to help us relax, rest and BOOST the powers of oxytocin.
  • Endorphins – our bodies natural pain reliving hormone.

So when it comes to thinking ahead to your birth – every choice you make, from Antenatal course to birth place, pain relief option to intervention- have those THREE thoughts fixed in your mind- will this make me feel safe? Will this make me feel relaxed? Will this make me feel unobserved?

Birthing classes Surrey

The Positively Birthing Antenatal and Hypnobirthing course supports exactly this- and helps you find the right combo of choices with all of this in mind! You may find the idea of being in hospital comforting, or it might freak you out! You may find an epidural helps you relax or may find it takes you away from the labour ‘zone’. What makes us feel safe, relaxed and unobserved certainly won’t be the same for everyone, but let these three thoughts shape your decision making and you’re doing well!

If you’re near Surrey or SW London and would like to join us for a group or private course, visit Megan’s directory page below and contact her today.

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