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The fertility journey isn’t always easy, but we believe you shouldn’t have to navigate it alone. So whether you are looking for expert support trying to conceive, or are just thinking about trying for a baby, our hive of experts are here to support your fertility journey.

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Our treatments and services aim to prepare you for that all important labour, whilst offering support when you need it most throughout your pregnancy. Whether you want a bespoke pregnancy package, or a single treatment to support you and your bump, we have it all!

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Being a mum is hard, whether it’s your first or fifth. We want you to enjoy your journey through the fourth trimester and beyond. Covering everything from those physical and emotional changes to baby specific advice, our experts offer practical services to help you when you need it most.

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Supporting you on the magical, but overwhelming, journey with your baby. We know that you want your baby to be in safe hands, which is why our verification process for baby experts is second to none. Book your appointment for feeding, nutrition, coaching and more.

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The menopause is a natural stage of life, but we understand how worrying it can be. It’s a challenging time, with physical and emotional changes taking place, some of which feel difficult to accept. We want to support you through these stages with expert advice, support and treatment.

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Whether you have a specific health concern or are just looking to promote your health and wellbeing at any stage of your life, The Luna Hive is here to support you. Our experts offer a wide range of specialist therapies, to help you physically, mentally and emotionally.


Looking for expert support for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, the new mum and baby stage, or the menopause in Surrey? Our handpicked, qualified experts are ready to help you find the right information or expertise you are looking for:

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Want a massage from a women’s health specialist? Looking for the best pregnancy massage in Surrey? Trying to find a relaxing and rebalancing treatment for yourself or someone else?


We offer a range of women’s health massages in Surrey. Our massage therapy aims to promote healing and enhance a your health and well-being, through the manual manipulation of soft tissue and muscles in the body. Massage is effective for a range of women’s health concerns. There are many different variations, but the overall aim is to relieve stress, tension, pain and other ailments.


Massage therapy aims to promote healing and enhance a person’s health and wellbeing, through the manual manipulation of soft tissues and muscles in the body. The benefits of massage may include the reduction or elimination of pain, improvement of joint mobility, improvement in circulation, improvement in lymphatic drainage, reduction in muscular tension and regulation of mood through increased dopamine.


We have all the massage services you need as a women, to feel relaxed, healthy and supple. Book your women’s health massage today!


Looking for a reflexology treatment in Surrey to restore balance and wellbeing? Looking for support during fertility, pregnancy or the menopause? Or simply want to relax?


At the Luna Hive, we have a range of experts in reflexology in Surrey. Fertility reflexology is offered to enhance fertility, alongside other approaches, whilst pregnancy reflexology and maternity reflexology, are given to promote healthy pregnancy and a healthy balance of hormones. Reflexology as a menopause treatment is also highly effective is reducing symptoms and enhancing hormonal balance.


Reflexology aims to restore balance and wellbeing, through non-intrusive, relaxing pressure and massage techniques to reflex points in the feet, hands or face. These reflex points are thought to correspond to organs, systems and structures in the body.

A woman receives a foot massage.
A woman is laying down getting physiotherapy.


Experiencing pain in pregnancy or the postnatal period? Looking for treatment for an injury? Headaches, neck pain, backache or pelvic pain? Noticing discomfort associated with the menopause?


At the Luna Hive, we have a number of chartered women’s health physiotherapists in a range of Surrey physiotherapy clinics, as well as offering home physiotherapy visits. We offer women’s health physiotherapy, including pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy and treatment for menopause symptoms. Physiotherapy is a treatment that assesses the way your body moves. It examines joints, muscles, tendons and fascia and the interplay between these systems.


Physiotherapy after pregnancy is offered to tackle the common problem areas such as pregnancy back pain and pelvic pain and following birth, diastasis recti, pelvic floor strength, posture, upper back, pelvic and lower back pain. General women’s physiotherapy is also offered, as well as menopause treatments.


Our physiotherapists are experts in women’s mental health, chartered and highly experienced. We have all the physiotherapy services you need to help you feel healthy and pain free! Book your physiotherapy appointment today!

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